“Turning Numbers Into Knowledge” Book Giveaway!

Today we’re launching a new contest on DataSciGuide in partnership with author (and Stanford University lecturer) Jonathan G. Koomey, PhD, who has offered to give away 3 copies of his print book “Turning Numbers Into Knowledge: Mastering the Art of Problem Solving” to DataSciGuide readers! I have previewed the book, and I think it would be especially useful to beginners learning about data analysis and communication.

The only qualification for entering the contest is a willingness to write a short review of the book on DataSciGuide.com within 1-2 months of receiving it. That’s it!

There are 3 ways to enter: you can either review any item on DataSciGuide, tweet about the contest, or tweet about DataSciGuide!

  1. Use the “contest tweet” link at the bottom of this post to tweet. You can modify it, but be sure to include the #NumbersIntoKnowledge hashtag. I will select a random tweet with the hashtag to win one of the books.
  2. For the second book, I will select a random reviewer from the list of people who post a review on any content on DataSciGuide.com between today and December 2. (no social media requirement on that one, though sharing the content you reviewed with the twitter or facebook buttons on the content page is encouraged!)
  3. I’ll pick a tweet I like about DataSciGuide to win the 3rd book. Make sure to follow @DataSciGuide and include the handle in your tweet so I see it! Tell your friends how you use this site!

The contest ends in just over 2 weeks, on December 2, 2017 at 11:59pm EST. I will choose one winner from those who tweet about the contest, one from those who tweet about @DataSciGuide, and one from those who write a review on DataSciGuide.com. Yes, you can enter all three ways! (Hint: your likelihood of winning is probably highest with the review since it’s easier to just tweet!)

International entrants are welcome, but because of shipping costs, only one of the books will be shipped outside the US (I’ll pick winners for 1-3 in order, so if the winner for the contest tweet is outside the U.S., then only U.S. entries will be eligible for option 2 and 3, for example).

Please comment below or tweet @DataSciGuide with any questions!

Good luck!


Click here to tweet about the contest with the #NumbersIntoKnowledge hashtag!

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