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Bayesian Modelling in Python


“Welcome to ‘Bayesian Modelling in Python’ – a tutorial for those interested in learning how to apply bayesian modelling techniques in python (PYMC3). This tutorial doesn’t aim to be a bayesian statistics tutorial – but rather a programming cookbook for those who understand the fundamental of bayesian statistics and want to learn how to build bayesian models using python. The tutorial sections and topics can be seen below. Contents Introduction Motivation … Continue Reading

MIT Statistics Cheat Sheet


A long list of definitions, equations, and examples for common statistical terms and tests, including: Variance Standard Deviation & Error T-tests Chi-Square Tests Probability Distributions

Intro to Inferential Statistics


From Udacity: “Inferential statistics allows us to draw conclusions from data that might not be immediately obvious. This course focuses on enhancing your ability to develop hypotheses and use common tests such as t-tests, ANOVA tests, and regression to validate your claims.” The course consists of seven lessons: Estimation Hypothesis Testing t-tests ANOVA Correlation Regression Chi-squared Tests This course is a preliminary step towards the Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree Program, designed to … Continue Reading

Statistics One


Statistics One is designed to be a comprehensive yet friendly introduction to fundamental concepts in statistics, and also provide an introduction to the R programming language.

Data Analysis for the Life Sciences

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Data analysis is now part of practically every research project in the life sciences. In this book we use data and computer code to teach the necessary statistical concepts and programming skills to become a data analyst.

Statistics in a Nutshell


Statistics in a Nutshell is a clear and concise introduction and reference for anyone new to the subject.