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RStudio Cheat Sheets


“These cheat sheets below make it easy to learn about and use some of our favorite packages.” Data Import Cheat Sheet: “reminds you how to read in flat files…,work with the results as tibbles, and reshape messy data with tidyr. Use tidyr to reshape your tables into tidy data, the data format that works the most seamlessly with R and the tidyverse.” Data Transformation Cheat Sheet: “dplyr provides a grammar … Continue Reading

LeaRning Path on R – Step by Step Guide to Learn Data Science on R


One of the common problems people face in learning R is lack of a structured path. They don’t know, from where to start, how to proceed, which track to choose? Though, there is an overload of good free resources available on the Internet, this could be overwhelming as well as confusing at the same time. To create this R learning path, Analytics Vidhya and DataCamp sat together and selected a comprehensive set of … Continue Reading

R for Data Science: Import, Tidy, Transform, Visualize, and Model Data


From Amazon: “Learn how to use R to turn raw data into insight, knowledge, and understanding. This book introduces you to R, RStudio, and the tidyverse, a collection of R packages designed to work together to make data science fast, fluent, and fun…. Authors Hadley Wickham and Garrett Grolemund guide you through the steps of importing, wrangling, exploring, and modeling your data and communicating the results. You’ll get a complete, … Continue Reading

Bayesian Statistics


This is course 4 of 5 in the Statistics with R Specialization. From Coursera: “This course describes Bayesian statistics, in which one’s inferences about parameters or hypotheses are updated as evidence accumulates. You will learn to use Bayes’ rule to transform prior probabilities into posterior probabilities, and be introduced to the underlying theory and perspective of the Bayesian paradigm. The course will apply Bayesian methods to several practical problems, to show … Continue Reading

Linear Regression and Modeling


This is course 3 of 5 in the Statistics with R Specialization. From Coursera: “This course introduces simple and multiple linear regression models. These models allow you to assess the relationship between variables in a data set and a continuous response variable. Is there a relationship between the physical attractiveness of a professor and their student evaluation scores? Can we predict the test score for a child based on certain characteristics … Continue Reading

Inferential Statistics


This is course 2 of 5 in the Statistics with R Specialization. From Coursera: “This course covers commonly used statistical inference methods for numerical and categorical data. You will learn how to set up and perform hypothesis tests, interpret p-values, and report the results of your analysis in a way that is interpretable for clients or the public. Using numerous data examples, you will learn to report estimates of quantities in … Continue Reading

Introduction to Probability and Data


This is course 1 of 5 in the Statistics with R Specialization. From Coursera: “This course introduces you to sampling and exploring data, as well as basic probability theory and Bayes’ rule. You will examine various types of sampling methods, and discuss how such methods can impact the scope of inference. A variety of exploratory data analysis techniques will be covered, including numeric summary statistics and basic data visualization. You will … Continue Reading

DataCamp – Working with the RStudio IDE (Part 2)


From DataCamp: “Learn how RStudio makes it easy to build your own R packages, how you can integrate with your favorite version control software like Git and GitHub for maximum productivity, and finally how to make use of tools like R Markdown, LaTeX, and Shiny for reporting your results to the relevant stakeholders. This is the second part of a two-part course on how to use RStudio. Part 1 covers the basics … Continue Reading

DataCamp – Working with the RStudio IDE (Part 1)


From DataCamp: “In the first part of this two-part RStudio tutorial, you will learn how to use RStudio, an IDE for R. Chapter 1 will cover: how to install R studio for Mac, Windows, or Linux how to run R code debugging in R Chapter 2 will get into the features of the IDE geared towards making you a more effective R programmer, including code diagnostics and running scripts. Finally, Part … Continue Reading

Data Analysis for the Life Sciences

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Data analysis is now part of practically every research project in the life sciences. In this book we use data and computer code to teach the necessary statistical concepts and programming skills to become a data analyst.