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Bayesian machine learning

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From FastML: “So you know the Bayes rule. How does it relate to machine learning? It can be quite difficult to grasp how the puzzle pieces fit together – we know it took us a while. This article is an introduction we wish we had back then.” This article covers the following topics: Bayesians and Frequentists Priors, updates, and posteriors Inferring model parameters from data Model vs inference Statistical modelling … Continue Reading

Data Science and Engineering with Spark


From edX: This course “will teach student how to perform data science and data engineering at scale using Spark, a cluster computing system well-suited for large-scale machine learning tasks. It will also present a integrated view of data processing by highlighting the various components of data analysis pipelines, including exploratory data analysis, feature extraction, supervised learning, and model evaluation. Students will gain hands-on experience building and debugging Spark applications. Internal … Continue Reading

Neural Networks from Scratch (in R)


From Medium: This tutorial: “is for those of you with a statistics/econometrics background but not necessarily a machine-learning one and for those of you who want some guidance in building a neural-network from scratch in R to better understand how everything fits (and how i doesn’t).” The author’s motivations for writing the tutorial are: “Understanding (by writing from scratch) the leaky abstractions behind neural-networks dramatically shifted my focus to elements … Continue Reading

Enterprise Data World


Next Event: April 27-28, 2018 San Francisco, CA “The 21st Annual Enterprise Data World (EDW) Conference is recognized as the most comprehensive educational conference ondata management in the world. Your Transformation to Data-Driven Business Starts Here!” 2018 Registration Videos from previous conferences

Global Artificial Intelligence Conference


Upcoming Event:  January 17-19, 2018 Santa Clara, CA From Global AI Conference’s website: “Global Big Data Conference’s vendor agnostic Global Artificial Intelligence(AI) Conference is for all industry verticals(Finance, Retail/E-Commerce/M-Commerce, Healthcare/Pharma/BioTech, Energy, Education, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telco, Auto, Hi-Tech, Media, Agriculture, Chemical, Government, Transportation etc.). It will be the largest vendor agnostic conference in AI space. The Conference allows practitioners to discuss AI through effective use of various techniques.” 2018 Agenda Registration

Intro to Machine Learning


From Udacity: “Machine Learning is a first-class ticket to the most exciting careers in data analysis today. As data sources proliferate along with the computing power to process them, going straight to the data is one of the most straightforward ways to quickly gain insights and make predictions. Machine learning brings together computer science and statistics to harness that predictive power. It’s a must-have skill for all aspiring data analysts … Continue Reading

Data Science Essentials


from edX: “Demand for data science talent is exploding. Develop your career as a data scientist, as you explore essential skills and principles with experts from Duke University and Microsoft. In this data science course, you will learn key concepts in data acquisition, preparation, exploration, and visualization taught alongside practical application oriented examples such as how to build a cloud data science solution using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning platform, or … Continue Reading

The Machine Learning Conference


Upcoming Event: November 10th San Francisco, CA From ML Conference website: “MLconf gathers communities to discuss the recent research and application of Algorithms, Tools, and Platforms to solve the hard problems that exist within organizing and analyzing massive and noisy data sets.” MLconf Blog 2017 Registration

TDWI Chicago Conference


Next Event: May 6-11, 2018 – Chicago, IL From TDWI Website: “In one week, at one location, you will get the most applicable training on your top data challenges from the industry’s most respected thought leaders and practitioners. Modernizing your data warehouse? Implementing cloud services? Working to develop a successful data architecture strategy for your self-service analytics and data science endeavors? Need to ensure your dashboards and KPIs are driving … Continue Reading

KDD (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining)


2017 Event:  Halifax, Nova Scotia – August 13-17th  From KDD Website: “KDD 2017 is a premier interdisciplinary conference bringing together researchers and practitioners from data science, data mining, knowledge discovery, large-scale data analytics, and big data.” 2017 Schedule 2017 Videos