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Introduction to Nonparametric Estimation


From Amazon: “This is a concise text developed from lecture notes and ready to be used for a course on the graduate level. The main idea is to introduce the fundamental concepts of the theory while maintaining the exposition suitable for a first approach in the field. Therefore the results are not always given in the most general form but rather under assumptions that lead to shorter or more elegant … Continue Reading

DataCamp – Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 2)


From┬áDataCamp: “After completing Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 1), you have the probabilistic mindset and foundational hacker stats skills to dive into data sets and extract useful information from them. In this course, you will do just that, expanding and honing your hacker stats toolbox to perform the two key tasks in statistical inference: parameter estimation and hypothesis testing. You will work with real data sets as you learn, culminating … Continue Reading

Think Bayes

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Use your existing programming skills to learn and understand Bayesian statistics. Work with problems involving estimation, prediction, decision analysis, evidence, and hypothesis testing.

Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis: Modeling Change and Event Occurrence


Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis is a professional book for empirical researchers and graduate students, and offers the first accessible in-depth presentation multilevel models for individual change and hazard/survival models for event occurrence.