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University of Rochester – Master of Science in Data Science


From the University of Rochester: “The Goergen Insitute for Data Science offers a STEM-accredited MS program in data science. This program allows students to study the broad area of data science or to concentrate their studies in one of the following areas: Computational and statistical methods Health and biomedical sciences Business and social science The program can be completed in either one year or one and a half years of … Continue Reading

University of Rochester – Data Science Undergraduate Degree


From the University of Rochester: “The data science major combines computer science, statistics, and a student’s choice of advanced coursework in an application area, such as: Business Biology Earth and environmental science Political science” The program offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree path; BS students have to take three additional supplementary courses within the department. The degree program also includes a Capstone Project, through … Continue Reading

Smith College – Statistical & Data Sciences Program


From Smith: “The Statistical & Data Sciences (SDS) Program links faculty and students from across the College interested in learning things from data. At Smith, students learn statistics by doing–class time emphasizes problem-solving and hands-on contact with data. Many courses employ student-driven projects that allow students to pursue their interest in fields such as economics, psychology, political science, sociology, engineering, biology, environmental science, neuroscience, and geology. The Program is designed … Continue Reading

Johns Hopkins – Master of Science in Data Science


From Johns Hopkins: “The rigorous curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics, while incorporating real-world examples. With options to study online and on-site in state-of-the-art facilities at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, student learn from practicing engineers and data scientists. Graduates are prepared to succeed in specialized jobs involving everything from the data pipeline and storage, to statistical analysis and eliciting the story the … Continue Reading

Columbia University – Master of Science in Data Science


From Columbia: “The Master of Science in Data Science allows students to apply data science techniques to their field of interest, building on four foundational courses offered in our Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences program. our students have the opportunity to conduct original research, included in a capstone project, and interact with our industry partners and faculty. Students may also choose an elective track focused on entrepreneurship or … Continue Reading

Columbia University – Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Science

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From Columbia: “The Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences prepares students to expand their career prospects or change career paths by developing foundational data science skills. Join us from anywhere in the world as this program is now also offered online.” Required/Core Courses: Algorithms for Data Science: Methods for organizing data, e.g. hashing, trees, queues, lists, priority queues. Streaming algorithms for computing statistics on the data. Sorting and searching. … Continue Reading

University College Cork – Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics


From UCC: “The MSc in Data Science & Analytics, jointly offered by the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Statistics, provides an education in the key principles of this rapidly expanding area. The combination of sophisticated computing and statistics modules will develop skills in database management, programming, summarisation, modelling and interpretation of data. The programme provides graduates with an opportunity, through development of a research project, to investigate … Continue Reading

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan – Master of Business Analytics


from MIT: “The MIT Sloan School of Management, with support and leadership from the MIT Operations Research Center, introduces a new, specialized one-year Master of Business Analytics program designed to prepare students for careers in business analytics. The program is tailored for current students or recent college graduates who plan to pursue a career in the data science industry, as well as those seeking career advancement or change, especially engineers, … Continue Reading

Syracuse University – Master of Science in Applied Data Science


From Syracuse: “The MS in Applied Data Science prepares students with the practical analytical and technical skills to apply analytical concepts to gain insight from small and large datasets. This curriculum offers an inovative blend of information science and management principles. While the overall program focuses on applications of data science to enterprise operations and processes, individual courses tackle data handling issues such as data capture, management, analysis, and communication … Continue Reading

New York University – Master of Science in Data Science


From NYU: The Master of Science in Data Science is a highly-selective program for students with a strong background in mathematics, computer science, and applied statistics. The degree focuses on the development of new methods for data science. We live in the “Age of the Petabyte,” soon to become “The Age of the Exabyte.” Our networked world is generating a deluge of data that no human, or group of humans, … Continue Reading