T-Shirt Giveaway Time on DataSciGuide!

For every 25 of the next 100 reviews posted here on DataSciGuide, I’ll do a drawing for one of the reviewers to win a “Becoming a Data Scientist” T-Shirt! (there are multiple styles and colors at the link – winner’s choice!)


And I’ll pick winners “with replacement” from the same growing pool of reviewers each time, so the first 25 reviews submitted will have the highest chance of winning! (You do the math!)

You do have to write a review (not just give a rating) in order to qualify for entry, but the longer “survey” section of the review (which appears after you submit your free-form text review) is optional.

Yes, international addresses are eligible to win, as long as teespring ships to your location.

Good luck! And thanks for helping other people find experience-appropriate learning content on DataSciGuide!

Click here to see the list of categories with content for you to review. If there is an item that was key to your data science learning that you want to review that isn’t posted yet, email me at renee@becomingadatascientist.com and I’ll prioritize it to be added to the site. Thanks!

Note: when you post your first review on DataSciGuide, it has to be manually approved, so it might not show up on the site right away. Also, if you get an “required fields left blank” message – that usually means you didn’t pick a star rating.

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