Review Stuff on DataSciGuide and Win a $40 Amazon Gift Card!

UPDATE: The contest ends at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday 10/21/2015. Get your reviews in now to have a chance to win!

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been adding lots of content to DataSciGuide lately (yes, there will eventually be a way for you to add content, too!) and now I’m in getting-ready-to-officially-launch mode! There is still a ton I want to do with the site (like add learning paths and a recommender system), but it’s functional now, and my main goal at the moment is to collect reviews.

This is where I need your help! And where you can help others discover great data science content and avoid the bad or frustrating content!

I already had a friend that went from annoyed to excited when she realized that the course she was taking to learn R had some known difficulties/frustrations for beginners, found out the problem wasn’t her, and learned there were better resources out there. Thanks to reviews by CPShah and CarmonaCR, she looked into DataCamp, and she is much happier learning with them!

You can help others along their data science learning journey by filling this site up with great helpful reviews, and you could also win something in the process! For every “short review” you fill out (star rating and comment), you get an entry into a drawing to win a $40 Amazon Gift Card. If you fill out the full “survey review” (it appears after you fill out the short review), you get two entries! (Of course, if I suspect you are just filling out a bunch of fake reviews to get entries into the drawing, I will disqualify you from winning, because that isn’t helping anyone.)

So, find a book, podcast, course, or other content that you have used:
and review it for your chance to win! (and to still feel good about helping other learners even if you don’t win!)

Leave a comment if there’s data science content you want to rate that is not yet on the site, and I’ll add it!

If you don’t already have an account, you can register with your email address here:

BONUS: If I really get more reviews than I expect in the next week or so (let’s say 100), I’ll either increase the value of the gift card or give out more than one. So tell your friends about it by using the social media sharing buttons below!


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