Recommended Resources for Beginners

I know there are many people starting out in data science who just don’t know where to start in the huge variety of topics under the umbrella of data science. You may be one of those beginners, wanting to participate in the Summer of Data Science #SoDS17, and not knowing what goals to even set.

One suggestion to get started learning if you’re starting from scratch is to pick a book or a course, and set a goal to complete and understand the content in that book or course. NOTE: the one you pick first may not “speak to you”, and you may need additional online resources or other books that explain a topic just slightly differently so it clicks for you. So don’t get discouraged when you don’t “get it” from one resource!

Here’s a talk I gave at PyData 2016 about how to get started learning, with advice from my podcast guests.

And below are a whole bunch of resources on DataSciGuide to choose from to get started!

Once you use any of these resources, please add your own rating, to help other people find experience-level-appropriate data science learning content!

If you have a favorite resource that helped you as a beginner that is not on DataSciGuide yet, please email me at and I can add it so you can review it.


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