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Statistics and Probability

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A list of courses from the Khan Academy covering the following topics: Introduction to statistics Analyzing categorical data Displaying and comparing quantitative data Summarizing quantitative data Modeling data distributions Exploring bivariate numerical data Study design Probability Counting, permutations, and combinations Random variables Sampling distributions One-sample confidence intervals One-sample z and t significance tests Two-sample inference for the difference between groups Inference for categorical data (chi-square tests) Advanced regression (inference and … Continue Reading

Newbie to D3.js Expert: Complete path to create interactive visualization using D3.js


From Analytics Vidhya: “I think that the popularity of D3.js in data science fraternity is not in sync with its true potential. The main reason being that it requires a different skill set (for e.g. HTML, CSS and knowledge about JavaScript) than most of the mainstream tools for data science or machine learning. Also, there are readily available tools like QlikView and Tableau which provide this facility. However, when you … Continue Reading

Learning Path: Your mentor to become a machine learning expert


From Analytics Vidhya: “Through this learning path, we hope to provide you an answer to this problem. We have deliberately loaded this learning path with a lot of practical projects. You can not master machine learning with the hard work! But once you do, you are one of the highly sought after people around. Since this is a complex topic, we recommend you to strictly follow the steps in sequential … Continue Reading

Weka – GUI way to learn Machine Learning


Weka is a collection of data analysis, data visualization, predictive modelling, and machine learning tools within a graphical user interface (GUI). From Analytics Vidhya: “In this era of data science where R and Python are ruling the roost, let’s take a look at another data science tool called Weka. Weka has been around for quite a while and was developed internally at University of Waikato for research purpose. What makes … Continue Reading

Learning Path: Your Guide to Become a Tableau Expert


From Analytics Vidhya: “Tableau is one of the fastest evolving Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization tool. It is very fast to deploy, easy to learn and very intuitive to use for a customer. Here is a learning path to all those people who are new to Tableau. This path will help you to learn Tableau in a structured approach. Beginners are recommended to follow this path religiously. If you already have … Continue Reading

QlikView – Learning Path from a Starter to a QlikView Expert


From Analytics Vidhya: “Data Visualization is one of the fastest evolving areas in Analytics and Data Science. With data increasing by the second, we need people who can not only visualise huge amount of data but also communicate data based stories to their customers…. QlikView is one of the fastest evolving Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualisation tool. It is very fast to deploy, easy to learn and very intuitive … Continue Reading

Comprehensive learning path – Data Science in Python


From Analytics Vidhya: “So, you want to become a data scientist or may be you are already one and want to expand your tool repository. You have landed at the right place. The aim of this page is to provide a comprehensive learning path to people new to python for data analysis. This path provides a comprehensive overview of steps you need to learn to use Python for data analysis. … Continue Reading

LeaRning Path on R – Step by Step Guide to Learn Data Science on R


One of the common problems people face in learning R is lack of a structured path. They don’t know, from where to start, how to proceed, which track to choose? Though, there is an overload of good free resources available on the Internet, this could be overwhelming as well as confusing at the same time. To create this R learning path, Analytics Vidhya and DataCamp sat together and selected a comprehensive set of … Continue Reading

SAS Learning path and resources – Business Analyst in SAS


This is a curriculum compiled by Analytics Vidhya as a guide to learning SAS for business analytics. The curriculum is composed of the following steps: Step 0: Why learn SAS Step 1: Downloading and Installing SAS Step 2: Base SAS on Step 3: SQL Step 4: Descriptive Statistics with the Udacity Intro to Descriptive Statistics course Step 5: Inferential Statistics with the Udacity Intro to Inferential Statistics course Step … Continue Reading

Learn Data Science


Learn Data Science is “a collection of Data Science Learning materials in the form of iPython Notebooks” and the “associated data sets.” The following topics are covered, with at least three notebooks including an Overview – an exposition of the technique for the math-wary”, Data Exploration – “the nuts and bolts of real world data wrangling”, and Analysis – “using the technique to get results”. Topics: Linear Regression Logistic Regression … Continue Reading