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Cheat Sheet – 10 Machine Learning Algorithms & R Commands


From Bytes Cravings: “This article lists down 10 popular machine learning algorithms and related R commands (& package information) that could be used to create respective models. The objective is to represent a quick reference page for beginners/intermediate level R programmers who are working on machine learning related problems…. Following are the different ML algorithms included in this article: Linear Regression Logistic Regression K-Means Clustering K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) Classification Naive … Continue Reading

Cheat Sheet: Algorithms for Supervised and Unsupervised Learning


A document with common machine learning algorithms for supervised and unsupervised learning, covering: K-nearest neighbour Naive Bayes Log-linear Perceptron Support vector machines K-means Mixture of Gaussians

iPython Notebooks

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From GitHub: “This repo contains various iPython notebooks I’ve created to experiment with libraries and work through exercises, and explore subjects that I find interesting.” The notebooks include: Popular Python data science libraries NumPy SciPy Matplotlib Pandas Statsmodels Scikit-learn Seaborn NetworkX PyMC NLTK DEAP Genism Machine Learning Exercises Tensorflow Deep Learning Exercises Spark Big Data Labs Miscellaneous

Essentials of Machine Learning Algorithms (with Python and R Codes)

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From Analytics Vidhya: “Today, as a data scientist, I can build data crunching machines with complex algorithms for a few dollors per hour. But, reaching here wasn’t easy! I had my dark days and nights…. The idea behind creating this guide is to simplify the journey of aspiring data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts across the world. Through this guide, I will enable you to work on machine learning problems and … Continue Reading

Mastering Markdown for GitHub

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“Markdown is a lightweight and easy-to-use syntax for styling all forms of writing on the GitHub platform. What you will learn: How the Markdown format makes styled collaborative editing easy How Markdown differs from traditional formatting approaches How to use Markdown to format text How to leverage GitHub’s automatic Markdown rendering How to apply GitHub’s unique Markdown extensions

GitHub Markdown Cheatsheet

“This is intended as a quick reference and showcase” for using Markdown for text on GitHub. Table of Contents: Headers Emphasis Lists Links Images Code and Syntax Highlighting Tables Blockquotes Inline HTML Horizontal Rule Line Breaks YouTube Videos

Jupyter Notebook Keyboard Shortcuts


A list of keyboard shortcuts for both command mode and edit mode of Jupyter notebooks.

MIT Statistics Cheat Sheet


A long list of definitions, equations, and examples for common statistical terms and tests, including: Variance Standard Deviation & Error T-tests Chi-Square Tests Probability Distributions

Machine Learning Libraries Cheat Sheet


Organized into an interactive ‘periodic table’, this website collates machine learning libraries for R, Julia, Python, C/C++, Java, Scala, big data, computer vision and natural language processing (NLP), and Lua/JS/Clojure.

Cheatsheet – 11 Steps for Data Exploration in R (with codes)


“Data Exploration not only uncovers the hidden trends and insights, but also allows you to take the first steps towards building a highly accurate model. Considering the popularity of R Programming and its fervid use in data science, I’ve created a cheat sheet of data exploration stages in R. This cheat sheet is highly recommended for beginners who can perform data exploration faster using these handy codes. All you need to do … Continue Reading