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Tableau Blog


Tableau is a software product focused on “making databases and spreadsheets understandable to ordinary people.” The company’s blog provides “the latest business intelligence trends, community updates, and product news.” Posts include applications for Tableau, discussion of how data analysis is implemented, examples of Tableau visualizations, company and software updates, and discussions about the field of data science.

Storytelling with Data


“In school, we learn much about language and math. In language, we are taught how to tell stories. In math, we are taught how to make meaning out of numbers. But it’s rare that the two are paired: we don’t learn how to make stories out of numbers or how to enable data to speak. This means we often rely on our tools to help us understand best practices. And … Continue Reading



“EagerEyes is Robert Kosara’s place to reflect on the world of information visualization and visual communication of data. The goal is to help digest things that are happening in the field and discuss developments that may be tangential or early, but that are likely to have an impact…. The original idea for the site involved the interplay of art and science in visualization. While the focus has shifted, I regularly … Continue Reading

Clearly Erroneous


This blog follows Martina Pugliese’s “explorations in this thing they call Data Science.” Posts include personal experiences in academia and the data science field, professional advice, and tutorials for technologies including Jupyter notebooks, Python, and NLTK.

Chris Albon’s blog

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“Notes on Data Science, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence” Chris Albon is a data scientist “with a Ph.D. in quantitative political science and a decade of experience working in statistical learning, artificial intelligence, and software engineering.” Since starting the site as a home for his “personal notes on statistics, data science and programming,” the site “has grown and today is visited by thousands everyday looking for information on everything from … Continue Reading

DataQuest Data Science Blog


Written by the makers of, a data science tutorial site, the blog covers topics across data science from those curious about the field to specific tips for advanced users. Posts include: tips and tutorials for using Python, R, SQL, Kaggle, cheat sheets, definitions of data science terms, links to resources, data science success stories, and general advice on entering the data science field.

Cloudera Engineering Blog


“Best practices, how-tos, use cases, and internals from Cloudera Engineering and the community”, the blog is a deep dive into the functionality of the Cloudera products, covering a variety of topics in big data management and analysis and integrations with technologies such as Apache Spark, Hadoop, and Kafka.

The Pudding


From The Pudding: “The Pudding is a journal of visual essays. It’s a new publication from Polygraph, a collective specializing in visualization. What is a visual essay? Imagine a New Yorker–esque longread about a complex topic, but code, data, and animation replace dense prose to construct a different sort of story. It’s one that’s reader-driven, explorable, and embeddable into other websites. The Pudding prizes quality. Each project represents a few … Continue Reading

Fast Forward Research


“Fast Forward Labs is a machine learning research company.” Their blog focuses on how machine learning approaches can be used to solve real-world problems. The post types include discussions of current machine learning research and applications, interviews with data science professionals, demonstrations of algorithms and visualizations, links to resources, job announcements, and full tutorials covering programming, statistics, and other topics.



Distill is “a modern medium for presenting research” on machine learning, moving away from the traditional publishing medium (pdf) to a blog platform. From the website: “New ways of thinking enable new discoveries. New notations, visualizations, and mental modes can deepen our understanding. By nurturing the development of such new ways of thinking, Distill will enable new discoveries. Machine learning needs more transparency. Machine learning will fundamentally change how humans … Continue Reading