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Worcester Polytechnic Institute – Data Science PhD No ratings yet.

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute Data Science PhD

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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$106,624.00 - $201,836.00

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From WPI:

“WPI’s interdisciplinary PhD program in Data Science recognizes that traditional data processing applications can no longer handle today’s large and complex datasets. New models are needed to handle big data; and knowledgeable graduates with expertise in turning those observations into meaningful recommendations are in high demand.

You’ll be working alongside faculty and industry partners to analyze, capture, search, share, store, transfer, query, and visualize huge amounts of data to solve real-world challenges Some broad-stroke examples:

  • using predictive analytics to identify cyber threats
  • employing big data analytics to improve healthcare outcomes
  • empowering ‘smart’ cities to make data-driven policy changes critical for societal well-being.”

Recommended Prerequisites: 3 letters of recommendation, GRE or GMAT required for all international students, recommended for US students.

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