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Joshua Lande

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From Joshua Lande:
“One of the most important tools required to be a successful data scientist is relational databases like SQL. The majority of data stored by businesses is in these relational databases. And in addition, they are exceptionally good at storing complicated business data sets as well as allowing for efficient information retrieval. So having a strong understanding of relational databases is essential to being an effective data scientist.

In this series of posts, I will provide a broad overview of the key topics required to successfully work with databases to do effective data science. My hope is to take a breath-first search approach to teaching by introducing the most important topics first. Whenever possible, I will attempt to avoid theory in favor of practicality with the goal of getting you up to speed as quickly as possible.

In these posts, I will focus on the MySQL database because it is popular, free, open source, and easy to get started with. But the concepts and most of the commands are easily transferable to other databases.”

The posts in this series are:

  1. Design a Better Database With Database Normalization
  2. How to Install MySQL On Your Local Machine
  3. How to Create Tables and Insert Data into SQL Databases
  4. “Filters, Joins, Aggregations, and All That: A Guide to Querying in SQL”
  5. Further SQL Reading


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