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Weka – GUI way to learn Machine Learning No ratings yet.

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Weka - GUI way to learn Machine Learning

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Analytics Vidhya

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Analytics Vidhya

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Weka is a collection of data analysis, data visualization, predictive modelling, and machine learning tools within a graphical user interface (GUI).

From Analytics Vidhya:

“In this era of data science where R and Python are ruling the roost, let’s take a look at another data science tool called Weka. Weka has been around for quite a while and was developed internally at University of Waikato for research purpose. What makes Weka worthy of try is the easy learning curve.

For someone who hasn’t coded for a while, Weka with its GUI provides easiest transition into the world of Data Science. Being written in Java, those with Java experience can call the library into their code as well.”

This curriculum consists of the following steps:

  1. What is Weka and Why to Use it?
  2. Setting up Machine
  3. Learning the Basics of Weka
  4. Data Sets
  5. More Data Mining with Weka
  6. Weka Command Line
  7. Word2Vec Challenge

Recommended Prerequisites: none specified

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