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“In the Fall of 2012, the election predictions from statistical and mathematical models were celebrated, and the pundits were quaking. We see professional sports management reflecting a *money-balled* analysis that is hoped will generate better informed decisions about personnel. We go to the grocery with rewards cards that are linked to coupons that are tuned to our particular historic purchasing patterns. Is it possible to understand what is going on behind the scenes in these stories? Does it matter how studies are conducted? What numbers can we trust?

In recognition that there are statistics behind the stories we hear and a story behind the statistics, we developed the program we are calling Stats+Stories….Each program will feature a guest who will share a story with a strong statistical flavor. The first program was released in May 2013, and the program team hopes to release a new episode each month. In January 2017, the American Statistical Association (ASA) became a partner with Miami University.”

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