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PyData @ PyCon PL

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From PyData @ PyCon PL’s website:

PyData@PyCon PL will be held in Ossa during PyCon PL 2017 the tenth edition of the PyCon PL Conference. PyData@PyCon PL will provide a meeting place where data scientists and engineers could join efforts, aiming at establishing a strong Polish PyData community.”

Next Event: August 17-20, 2017 – Ossa, Poland

Presenting initial partial list of talks and workshops, more coming soon

Proposed Talks and Workshops for 2017:


  • “Cruiser or sport bike? Teach your computer to categorize motorcycle images using transfer learning in TensorFlow” – Maciej Dziubiński
  • “Lightweight approach to anonymization and artificial data generation challenges” – Michał Żyliński
  • “Ranking News Summary Bots by Semantic Document Relatedness” – Karan Saxena
  • “The role of communities of practice in demagification of computational skills” – Mateusz Kuzak
  • “From shallow to deep model with Tensorflow” – Krzysztof Sopyła
  • “Reusing trained models with TensorFlow” – Alejandro Solano
  • TBA – Carol Willing
  • TBA – Marc Garcia


  • “First steps with Pandas” – Mateusz Flieger, Jacek Rzeszutek (5h)
  • “First steps with PySpark” – Jacek Śmietański (2h 30m)
  • “Network Analysis using Python” – Mridul Seth (2h)
  • “How to turn data into beautiful, interactive visualizations” – Mateusz Paprocki (2h)

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