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ByBites Code Challenges

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Bob Belderbos
Julian Sequeira

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$0.00 - $9.99

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From PyBites:

“Hone Your Python Skills in the Browser.

Bites of Py are self contained 20-60 min Python (3.6) code challenges you can code and verify in the browser….

By signing in with GitHub you have access to our free tier of 7 introductory Bites. On the 1st of March, 2018 we will be releasing Bytes of Py as a Premium Subscription Service at US $9.99 per month.

The subscription gives you full access to all Bites on the platform which will be populated with 50+ challenges by launch. From there we will continuously grow the collection to give you die hard practice. You will also be entitiled to new Premium only features!

If you want to learn more Python, now is your chance! NOTHING beats deliberate practice and PyBites is here to get you coding!”

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