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Mastering Tableau 10 No ratings yet.

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Mastering Tableau 10

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Tim Messar

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Srikiran C. Rai

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$15.00 - $95.00

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FromĀ Udemy:

“Master the art of creating insightful visualizations from complex data with this visually appealing tutorial.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the key concepts of Data Prep such as Joins, Blends, Cross Database Joins, Shared Data Connection design, and metadata
  • Unleash the newest features and enhancements of Tableau 10
  • Get to grips with the best practices for effective Visual design
  • Build and employ advanced calculations using Quick calcs, Table calcs, and Level of Detail….
  • Explore the dynamic capabilities within Tableau 10 and interact with data

This video is intended for Tableau users who have basic familiarity with Tableau and now want to build rich analytics and visualizations with Tableau that are customized to the needs of their business.”

Recommended Prerequisites: "The obvious next step for Tableau users who have learned to use Tableau for basic analytics and visualization is to explore further and leverage it to create advanced visualizations. Tableau is capable of handling complex data queries and creating more insightful visualizations and this video will teach how to create these. Most Tableau users have information on what it takes to start using Tableau, but this video will take them beyond the beginner level; you'll master performing advanced analytics with Tableau and creating visually appealing insightful visualizations in a step-by-step manner."

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