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Udacity Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Program No ratings yet.

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From Udacity:

“This program will equip you with key skills that will prepare you to fill roles with companies seeking machine learning experts (or to introduce machine learning techniques to their organizations). Machine learning is literally everywhere, and is often at work even when we don’t realize it. Google Translate, Siri, and Facebook News Feeds are just a few popular examples of machine learning’s omnipresence. The ability to develop machines and systems that automatically improve, puts machine learning at the absolute forefront of virtually any field that relies on data.”

The course syllabus consists of 7 projects:

  1. Titanic Survival Exploration
  2. Predicting Boston Housing Prices
  3. Finding Donors for CharityML
  4. Creating Customer Segments
  5. Train a Smartcab to Drive
  6. Image Classification
  7. Capstone Project

Recommended Prerequisites: "Intermediate Python programming knowledge…. Intermediate statistical knowledge….Intermediate calculus and linear algebra mastery."

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