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From Udacity:

“Inferential statistics allows us to draw conclusions from data that might not be immediately obvious. This course focuses on enhancing your ability to develop hypotheses and use common tests such as t-tests, ANOVA tests, and regression to validate your claims.”

The course consists of seven lessons:

  1. Estimation
  2. Hypothesis Testing
  3. t-tests
  4. ANOVA
  5. Correlation
  6. Regression
  7. Chi-squared Tests

This course is a preliminary step towards the Udacity Data Analyst Nanodegree Program, designed to follow the Intro to Descriptive Statistics course.

Recommended Prerequisites: "This course assumes basic understanding of Descriptive Statistics, specifically the following: calculating the mean and standard deviation of a data set, central limit theorem, interpreting probability and probability distributions, normal distributions and sampling distributions, normalizing observations."

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