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DataQuest – Intermediate Python and Pandas No ratings yet.

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DataQuest Intermediate Python and Pandas Path Step

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Vik Parichuri

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This course is step 2 of 6 in the DataQuest Data Analyst Path and step 2 of 11 in the DataQuest Data Scientist Path.

The curriculum for this step includes the following topics:

  • Getting Started with NumPy
  • Computation with NumPy
  • Introduction to Pandas
  • Data Manipulation with Pandas
  • Working with Missing Data
  • Pandas Internals: Series & Dataframes
  • Exploratory Data Visualization
    • Line Charts
    • Multiple Plots
    • Bar and Scatter Plots
    • Histograms and Box Plots
  • Storytelling through Data Visualization
    • Improving Plot Aesthetics
    • Color, Layout, And Annotations
    • Conditional Plots
    • Visualizing Geographic Data
  • Data Cleaning
    • Data Combing
    • Analyzing and Visualizing the Data
  • Guided Projects

Recommended Prerequisites: beginner-level familiarity with Python

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