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from DataCamp:
“Learn R and Python for data analysis in the comfort of your browser with video lessons and coding challenges. Discover our R tutorials and data science courses, and start analyzing your own data.

DataCamp is the first online learning platform that focuses on building the best learning experience for Data Science in specific. In our first year, we trained over 150,000 data scientists who completed over 3.7 million exercises. You can take free beginner courses, or choose to go for a subscription fee to access all premium courses.

Step One – Get To Know R
R is the leading open-source programming language in data science and statistics. It is used by students, academics and professionals to perform data analysis, and for building data-driven solutions and applications.

Step Two – Data Manipulation
Manipulate your data in a format that allows convenient processing. In this section you are introduced to many of the handy tools R offers for performing data manipulations.

Step Three – Data Visualization
Data visualizations is used as a data exploration tool and as communication tool for temporary or final results. Learn everything on one of the main strengths of R: creating stunning and informative graphical visualizations.

Step Four – Statistics with R
A selection of courses that provide a comprehensive yet friendly introduction to fundamental concepts of statistics & Machine Learning.

Step Five – Big data with R
The amount of data in the world is growing rapidly, and when dealing with data sets these will become bigger and bigger. You will need to understand how to process, visualize, and model terrabyte- class data sets.

Step Six – Electives
Every day new tools, packages, and software applications for R are launched. In this section you can discover some of the best tools out there, and learn how to use them in your daily routine.”

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