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DataCamp – Merging DataFrames with pandas No ratings yet.

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DataCamp Merging DataFrames with pandas

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Dhavide Aruliah
Hugo Bowne-Anderson
Yashas Roy

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From DataCamp:

“As a Data Scientist, you’ll often find that the data you need is not in a single file. It may be spread across a number of text files, spreadsheets, or databases. You want to be able to import the data of interest as a collection of DataFrames and figure out how to combine them to answer your central questions. This course is all about the act of combining, or merging, DataFrames, an essential part of any working Data Scientist’s toolbox. You’ll hone your pandas skills by learning how to organize, reshape, and aggregate multiple data sets to answer your specific questions.”

This course consists of four chapters:

  1. Preparing data
  2. Concatenating data
  3. Merging data
  4. Case Study – Summer Olympics

Recommended Prerequisites: pandas Foundations, Manipulating DataFrames with pandas

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