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DataCamp – Machine Learning with the Experts: School Budgets No ratings yet.

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DataCamp Machine Learning with Experts School Budgets

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Peter Bull
Hugo Bowne-Anderson
Yashas Roy
Casey Fitzpatrick

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From DataCamp:

“Data Science isn’t just for predicting ad-clicks; it’s also useful for social impact!This course is a case study from a machine learning competition on DrivenData. You’ll explore a problem related to school district budgeting. By building a model to automatically classify items in a school’s budget, it makes it easier and faster for schools to compare their spending with other schools. In this course, you’ll begin by building a baseline model that is a simple, first-pass approach. In particular, you’ll do some natural language processing to prepare the budgets for modeling. Next, you’ll have the opportunity to try your own techniques and see how they compare to participants from the competition. Finally, you’ll see how the winner was able to combine a number of expert techniques to build the most accurate model.”

This course consists of four chapters:

  1. Exploring the raw data
  2. Creating a simple first model
  3. Improving your model
  4. Learning from the experts

Recommended Prerequisites: Supervised Learning with scikit-learn

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