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DataCamp – Intermediate R No ratings yet.

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DataCamp Intermediate R

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Filip Schouwenaars

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From DataCamp:

“The intermediate R course is the logical next stop on your journey in the R programming language. In this R training you will learn about conditional statements, loops and functions to power your own R scripts. Next, you can make your R code more efficient and readable using the apply functions. Finally, the utilities chapter gets you up to speed with regular expressions in the R programming language, data structure manipulations and times and dates. This R tutorial will allow you to learn R and take the next step in advancing your overall knowledge and capabilities while programming in R.”

This course consists of 5 chapters:

  1. Conditionals and Control Flow
  2. Loops
  3. Functions
  4. The apply family
  5. Utilities

This course can be followed-up with Intermediate R – Practice for additional exercises.

Recommended Prerequisites: Beginner R

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