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DataCamp – Data Manipulation in R with dplyr No ratings yet.

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DataCamp Data Manipulation in R with dplyr

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Garrett Grolemund
Filip Schouwenaars

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From DataCamp:

“In this interactive tutorial, you will learn how to perform sophisticated dplyr techniques to carry out your data manipulation with R. First you will master the five verbs of R data manipulation with dplyr: select, mutate, filter, arrange and summarise. Next, you will learn how you can chain your dplyr operations using the pipe operator of the magrittr package. In the final section, the focus is on practicing how to subset your data using the group_by function, and how you can access data stored outside of R in a database. All said and done, you will be familiar with data manipulation tools and techniques that will allow you to efficiently manipulate data.”

This course consists of five chapters:

  1. Introduction to dplyr and tbls
  2. Select and mutate
  3. Filter and arrange
  4. Summarise and the pipe operator
  5. Group_by and working with databases

Recommended Prerequisites: No prerequisites mentioned.

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