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Databases (Stanford University)

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Stanford Lagunita
Jennifer Widom

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This Database course from Stanford University consists of a set of “mini-courses” that are “based around video lectures and/or video demos. Many of them include in-video quizzes to check understanding, in-depth standalone quizzes, and/or a variety of automatically-checked interactive programming exercises. Each mini-course also includes a discussion forum and pointers to readings and resources.” The courses are organized into suggested pathways, as follows:

  • Practical Relational Databases and SQL
  • Practical Relational Databases and SQL with UML Design
  • Relational Databases and SQL: Foundations and Practice
  • Semistructured Data
  • and the Full Database Course


Recommended Prerequisites: "The series of courses does not assume prior knowledge of any specific topics, however, a solid computer science foundation — a reasonable amount of programming, as well as knowledge of basic computer science theory — will make the material more accessible."

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