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Data Camp – Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 1)

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DataCamp Data Science Toolbox Part 1

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Hugo Bowne-Anderson
Francisco Castro

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From DataCamp:

“It’s now time to push forward and develop your Python chops even further. There are lots and lots of fantastic functions in Python and its library ecosystem. However, as a Data Scientists, you’ll constantly need to write your own functions to solve problems that are dedicated by your data. The art of function writing is what you’ll learn in this first Python Data Science toolbox course. You’ll come out of this course being able to write your very own custom functions, complete with multiple parameters and multiple return values, along with default arguments and variable-length arguments. You’ll gain insight into scoping in Python and be able to write lambda functions and handle errors in your very own function writing practice. On top of this, you’ll wrap up each Chapter by diving into using your acquired skills to write functions that analyze Twitter DataFrames and are generalizable to broader Data Science contexts.”

This course consists of three chapters:

  1. Writing your own functions
  2. Default arguments, variable-length arguments and scope
  3. Lambda functions and error-handling

Part 2 of the course can be found here: Python Data Science Toolbox Part 2

Recommended Prerequisites: Intro to Python for Data Science and Intermediate Python for Data Science.

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