I added some content to this site, trying to give an example of what could fall under each category. I know the search/filter results layout and the content detail page layout needs some work. I have a vision for it, but need to do some CSS tweaking and display of custom wordpress fields. (“Content” is a custom post type, and most of the details are custom fields in wordpress.) I also installed a plugin to allow the default search to search these custom fields – I was surprised when it didn’t at first!


If you want to try out the rating form and rate any of the existing content, please let me know! If you comment on this post, I’ll be able to see your email address behind the scenes (don’t enter your email into the comment text), and I can create you an account so you can log in and rate something.

If there is some piece of data science learning that you’d like to rate that isn’t on the site yet, mention it in your comment, and I’ll enter it! (Yes, eventually people will be able to add content, too.)

Feels like the site is starting to take shape, even though every time I work on it, the to-do list gets longer! (Isn’t that how all of these projects go? LOL)

I’d be happy to hear any feedback you have on the site so far!


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