Considering Adding a “How To” Section of DataSciGuide

I’m considering adding a “How To” section of the DataSciGuide Data Science Learning Directory. Below is an example of the simplest type of post that would be included. Would adding a section of the site for posts like this be useful to you? Let me know in the comments or on twitter!


How to: Import a CSV file for Analysis


With Python

Use the CSV module to import the CSV, then loop to display the data in each row:

Source: NewCircle blog
Descriptive statistics of an array can be calculated using SciPy:
Find more information about file input/output in python in the Python Cookbook from O’Reilly, including a free chapter online here: Python Cookbook Chapter 6

With Python and Pandas

Import the CSV into a Pandas DataFrame, then show summary statistics:

Sources: Spectraldifferences, StackOverflow
Additional descriptive statistics using Pandas: Chris Albon
More about manipulating data with Pandas in the Python for Data Analysis book

With R

Import CSV and display summary statistics:

Source: Cyclismo
More about importing data and computing statistics in R can be found in the Statistics (The Easier Way) with R book.

Please comment if you find any errors in this “how-to” or if you know another way to import CSVs for analysis!

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