My vision for Data Sci Guide:

Many people attempting to “break in” to Data Science express that they feel totally overwhelmed by the many possible topics there are to learn, and the resources spread all over the internet.

How do you know if a course is good? If you make it three lessons into the course, then get totally lost when it suddenly gets really difficult, is it you? are you just not cut out for this? (That is very unlikely the answer, but it can feel that way!) are there other prerequisites you needed before you started? is it just a confusing course and everyone felt that way when they got to that lesson?

Once you finish a book, what do you do next to apply what you just learned?

What skills are the best add-ons to the skills you have already developed? or skills for a certain industry or subset of data science? What skills will branch you out into a whole new domain you haven’t explored? Are the things you are learning narrowing in your focus and building expertise in a core area, or broadening out your focus and making you more versatile? (either could be desirable at a given point in your data science learning endeavor)

And if you’re a true beginner, where do you even start?

I’m building this site to hopefully be able to answer those questions. Here are my goals for it:

  • Collect and organize data science learning content from around the web (and eventually allow others to submit more)
  • Add succinct descriptions and tags so people know what the content is really about before diving in
  • Create a really great search interface that helps users quickly find what they’re looking for and evaluate whether it’s for them
  • Allow users to bookmark content they want to learn
  • Get informative reviews (via easy-to-fill-out but thorough post-content surveys) from users that have tried it
  • Collect information on prerequisites, and also next-steps, so you know what you need to know before you get started, and you can easily find follow-on content
  • Create curated “learning plans” based on a selection of top-rated content, organized into groups of related topics, sorted from beginner to advanced level (and eventually allow users to create their own recommended learning plans)
  • Build a recommender system that will suggest other content you might like based on content you already liked, or based on your current learning stage and goals
  • Probably more features later, but I don’t want to over-commit and not complete this!

I will obviously need everyone’s help to find the best content and fill out the reviews & surveys. I’ll update the blog so you know where the site is development-wise. Thanks in advance for helping review content and making this a one-stop-shop where data science learners can make sense of all of the great stuff out there!

Renee Teate, @becomingdatasci